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A bad credit experience prevents you from getting a loan that would improve your financial flexibility?

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No one is safe from a situation that could leave a mark on their credit report. What to do then in case of urgent need of money?

You can count on us to help you out, as we assure you that your application for a bad credit loan will not be investigated by any rating agency.

If you meet our eligibility criteria, you will have access to $500 to $1,000 quickly to meet your most pressing needs.


No credit check

Possibility of obtaining a loan even in case of bad credit


Quick and easy request online or by phone

Only 3 simple steps

Approval in one hour maximum


Fast deposit of money

Amount deposited in the bank account in one working day or less

Online application

2 benefits you can enjoy
with the bad credit loan

Flexible and conciliatory eligibility criteria.

In accordance with established standards in the financial sector, our eligibility criteria for obtaining a bad credit loan are flexible and accessible. In order for us to grant you your loan, you must meet the following criteria :

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a Canadian citizen
  • Have been employed for 3 months
  • Be paid by direct deposit into a Canadian bank account;
  • Not being about to go bankrupt
  • Earn more than $1,200 a month.
Benefit from flexible repayment terms!

Choose the repayment option that best suits your financial abilities. Spread payments over a few months to avoid excessive cash outflows or pay off your bad credit loan quickly to minimize interest.

  • 3 to 16 instalments
  • Minimum 90-day repayment period
  • Ability to repay faster

Did you know that ?

We deposit your money within a maximum of one business day.
More than 90% of incoming calls are answered in less than 90 seconds.
Even on bad credit loan applications, no credit check is done.
The positive testimonials of our customers are our fame.
Confidentiality and security 100% guaranteed! No data is disclosed.


No credit check guaranteed

Because we trust you and we still ask you to specify some personal information, including the amount of your monthly salary and pre-authorized payments to your account, we do not carry out a credit check on you.

Request processed quickly.

Less rigid than major banking institutions, we are able to process your request in as little as one hour. Following the approval of your request by our agents, the amount of your loan will be deposited in your bank account within a maximum of one business day.

Access to various loan amounts.

At Prêt Direct, we lend amounts ranging from $500 to $1,000. Since financial responsibility is at the heart of our philosophy, we always recommend choosing the amount that corresponds to your actual needs. We will then plan with you the terms of repayment.

Online application

We work legally.

The annual percentage rate levied on the amounts lent is higher than that proposed by traditional banks, but it complies with the laws in force in Quebec.

We are on your side!

We do not exist to take advantage of your situation, but to respond to a need that is real. All we want is to help you get going by giving you access in a few clicks or by phone to small amounts of money that will allow you to resolve an urgent situation, seize an opportunity or to get a break so you can rebuild your credit.

We favor a responsible approach.

At every step of our lending process, we take a responsible approach and invite our clients to do the same when it comes to borrowing money.

As a result, all applications for funding we receive are audited to ensure that the borrower has sufficient income to repay the loan on time.

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No credit check

Even in case of bad credit

Quick and easy request

One hour maximum

Fast deposit

One working day or less

Get a bad credit loan
up to $1,000 exactly at the right time!

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