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Do you need an express loan that would allow you to face an emergency, immediately?

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A situation may occur where you need quick action and may result in a cash outflow that was not planned in your budget.

Don’t panic! We are taking care of everything so that you receive as fast as possible the amount of money you need, between $ 500 and $ 1,000.

From the start of the process till you fill in and send us your express loan application and when the amount you determine is deposited in your account, you won’t have time to stress!


Quick and easy request, online or by phone

Only 3 easy steps

Approved application in one hour maximum


Fast deposit of your money

The amount is deposited to your account in less than 24 hours.


Flexibility in the choice of amounts

Choice of express loans for various needs: $500, $600, $700, $750 or $1,000

Online application

2 benefits you can enjoy
with the express loan

Pay back what you can when you can

Take the time you need to pay off your express loan without worrying too much or paying back faster to save interest.

  • 3 to 16 installments
  • Minimum 90-day repayment period
  • Ability to repay faster
Flexible eligibility criteria

Our eligibility requirements for a loan are large and follow established standards in the financial community. For your express loan to be approved, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A Canadian citizen
  • Have been employed for 3 months
  • Be paid by direct deposit into a Canadian bank account;
  • Not close to bankruptcy
  • Make more than $ 1,200 a month.

Did you know that ?

Our customers receive the amount of their bank account in less than one business day!
We answer 90% of the calls in less than 90 seconds!
We accept bad credit!
Our good reputation is the result of our excellent service provided!
Your data confidentiality is our top priority!


We lend various amounts between $ 500 and $ 1,000

By submitting an express loan application to Prêt Direct, you could choose from any of the following amount: $ 500, $ 600, $ 700, $ 750 or $ 1,000. As we recommend a responsible approach, you should only borrow the amount you need.

Everything is completed in less than 24 hours

As soon as we receive your signed express loan application and required documents, it is processed under one hour maximum, which is faster than any other financial institution. After acceptance of your application, the money will be transfered to your bank account in less than one business day.

No credit check

Even though we make some verifications, to validate your potential to borrow and repay an express loan, we do not proceed with any credit check when processing your application. If you made a past mistake and have a bad record, you can still qualify for a loan.

Online application

A responsible approach first

When borrowing money, we recommend a responsible approach and ask that our clients do the same. In this case, we verify each express loan application, to make sure that the client will be able to repay the loan in a reasonable timeline.

We put ourselves in your shoes

Our mission is not to take advantage of your situation, but to offer an alternative way to improve your situation. Our main goal is to help you move forward by giving you access to an express loan easily, whether as a result of a request made online or by phone. We are sure that our express loans can help people in need.

We are a legal and responsible institution

The interest rates on our express loans are higher than they are for banks, but we respect the requirements of the law and we do not push our clients to pursue unhealthy financial habits.

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Get an express loan of
$500 to $1000 without a credit check!

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